#56, 277 - Mercedes M119.97X Kabelbaum Messanleitung/ Engine wiring Harness Connection Sheet

This sheet will help you to check all plug connections form end to end.

#82 & 137 - Mercedes R129 SL280 & SL320 Ignition coil configurationIgnition coil configuration

Configuration of connectors to the ignition coils: Mercedes lists the wiring harness A1405406932 as a successor of the A1405400732. These two are identical except the ignition sequence. You can use the following scheme to connect the plugs in accordance with the original wiring harness installed in the vehicle.

#350 - Plug Hot Film Air / Mass Air Flow Sensor (replaces OE A1405400081)

Pin assignment on the mass air flow sensor connector: The pin assignment and colors are based on the color scheme of vehicles with mass air flow sensors (LH-Jetronic). However, this cable set can also be used for vehicles with HFM control. The wire on pin #3 is not required for this. The color scheme of our wiring harness does not correspond to the wiring colors in HFM vehicles.

#604 & 923 - Repair Wiring Harness Air Mass Sensor M120 engine

Pin assignment on the M120 main connector: this pin assignment table is used to connect the repair wiring harness to the two main connectors in the control unit box. These instructions apply to the R129 as well as to the W140, as both have an almost identical control unit box.