D-Jetronic wiring harness for M110 engine
  • D-Jetronic wiring harness for M110 engine

D-Jetronic wiring harness M110

4 - 5 Weeks; shipping excl.

Delivery time 2 - 3 working days; wiring harness 20 working days (production lead time)

- rebuild fo your wiring harness for M110 engine

- highest industry standards of the materials used

- our products are RoHS compliant

- we supply Mercedes restoration companies & branches


We reproduce your D-Jetronic engine wiring harness for the following Mercedes models:

- W114 - 280CE

The delivery consists of two pieces:

- Cable harness electronic fuel injection (main engine harness) A1145402009 

- Cable harness injection valve A1145402109


We will make a brand new wiring harness. All cables, terminals, connectors, sleeves and rubber grommets will be renewed. Even the ECU terminal rail will be replaced.

Some samples of harnesses we have produced recently:

- A1075400009

- A1075400509

- A1075402909

- A1075403109

- A1075403809

- A1075403909

- A1075404809

- A1075404809

- A1075407009

- A1085405709

- A1095401409

- A1115404909

- A1145402009

- A1145402109