VW Rabbit 1 sound deadening mats
  • VW Rabbit 1 sound deadening mats
  • VW Rabbit 1 sound deadening mats

Volkswagen VW Golf 1 Rabbit MK1 sound deadening mat

4 - 5 Weeks; shipping excl.

Delivery time 2 - 3 working days; wiring harness 20 working days (production lead time)

- for all VW Rabbit MK1

- perfect fit

- exact copy of original mats


Sound deadening mats under the carpet disintegrate over the years. The bitumen layer becomes brittle, the wool layer fills up with all the moist and dirk of decades.

Many VW Rabbit MK1s are lovingly rebuild or restored. If you are working on you interieur you might wish to replace the faded sound deadening mats under the carpet. Currently you are facing the problem of discontinued production from Volkswagen. 

We have reproduced a set of sound deadening mats especially for the VW Rabbit MK1. The set consists of a driver and codriver mat as well as a tunnel cover mat. We tried to copy the original as good as possible. The material and thickness as well as shape have been compared and adjusted multiple times to deliver the best value.


- 1 x front driver sound deadening mat

- 1 x front codriver sound deadening mat

- 1 x tunnel sound deadening mat